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AP and PAP report to the BSR for HRBs

The Building Safety Act introduces new roles and responsibilities for the accountable person and principle accountable person.

The accountable person is the person who has overall responsibility for the safety of a building. This could be the building owner or managing agent. It may also be an organisation or person who is responsible for maintaining the common parts of a building, for example a RTM association. Their responsibilities include identifying and managing the risks associated with the building, ensuring that the building is safe for people to live and work in, and ensuring that fire and structural safety measures are in place.

The principle accountable person (PAP) is a new role introduced by the Building Safety Act 2021. This person will be responsible for overseeing the safety of high-rise residential buildings (HRBs) that are over 18 meters in height or more than six stories. The PAP will be appointed by the accountable person and will be responsible for ensuring that the building is safe throughout its lifecycle, from design and construction through to occupation for new builds and maintenance for existing buildings. When buildings have a single AP, that entity or person is the PAP.

The PAP will have a number of specific responsibilities, including:

  1. Preparing a safety case for the building - this will include identifying and assessing the risks associated with the building, and ensuring that appropriate measures are in place to manage those risks.

  2. Appointing and managing the building safety manager (BSM) - the BSM will be responsible for day-to-day management of the building's safety, and will report to the PAP.

  3. Ensuring that fire and structural safety measures are in place and properly maintained - this will include ensuring that fire alarms, sprinkler systems and other safety measures are in good working order, and that regular inspections and maintenance are carried out.

  4. Ensuring that residents are provided with clear and accurate information about the safety of the building - this will include providing regular updates about any safety issues or concerns, and ensuring that residents are aware of what they need to do in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Do you know who your buildings AP and PAP are?


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