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Registering your building to the BSR

If you own or manage a building in the UK, it is important to register it with the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) under the new Building Safety Act. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Compliance with the law: The Building Safety Act 2022 makes it a legal requirement for high rise buildings in England to be registered with the BSR. Failure to register could result in legal and financial consequences.

  2. Improved safety: Registering your building with the BSR is an important step towards ensuring that it meets the new safety standards outlined in the Act. The BSR will oversee the safety of buildings and take action against those who do not comply, which can help to prevent tragedies and protect lives.

  3. Better oversight: The BSR will have a centralised database of registered buildings, which will enable them to keep track of building safety risks and identify any areas that require further attention. This will help to ensure that the BSR can respond quickly and effectively to any safety concerns that arise.

  4. Access to guidance and support: By registering your building with the BSR, you will have access to guidance and support on building safety issues. The BSR will provide information on best practices, safety measures and other relevant topics, which can help you to improve the safety of your building.

  5. Increased transparency: Registering your building with the BSR can help to increase transparency and accountability in the building safety process. This can be particularly important for leaseholders and residents, who will have greater visibility into the safety measures in place and the steps being taken to address any safety concerns.

I had read that registration would open on the 7th April 2023 but have yet to see a portal or form be published. Regardless, all guidance I've seen points to April 2023 so I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know once those doors have opened!


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